Jonny Scaramanga

Wednesday, April 1 2015 at 7:30PM

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60 Old Woolwich Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9NY

Jonny Scaramanga

What's the talk about?

Jonny Scaramanga attended a fundamentalist Christian school in the '90s where he learned that the Loch Ness Monster disproved evolution, God disapproved of the NHS, and homosexuals were an abomination. He talks about what students learn in these schools today, how they learn it, and how skeptics can respond.

Jonny is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Education, where he is researching student experiences in Britain's 50 Accelerated Christian Education schools. He has written for the Guardian, the Times Education Supplement, New Humanist, and New Statesman. His broadcast appearances include Newsnight, the Jeremy Vine Show, Radio 4, BBC2, BBC local radio, and Channel 4's 4Thought TV. His blog, Leaving Fundamentalism, won the 2014 Ockham Award for Best Blog. You can follow @JonnyScaramanga on Twitter.