Jamie Bartlett

Wednesday, October 7 2020 at 7:30PM

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60 Old Woolwich Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9NY

Jamie Bartlett

What's the talk about?

In 2014, a businesswoman called Dr Ruja Ignatova launched a new cryptocurrency that promised to change money forever. OneCoin, she said, was similar to Bitcoin, only bigger, better and easier to use. Within two years, over 3 million people had joined the OneCoin revolution, and Dr Ruja became rich and famous. But then she suddenly disappeared and hasn’t been seen since.

For six months, writer and journalist Jamie Bartlett was on the hunt to find The Missing Cryptoqueen. What he uncovered is a lot more than a missing woman. It's a story of greed, deceit and herd madness that takes him all over the world - and gets far weirder than he thought possible.

Jamie Bartlett is the author of the bestselling books The Dark Net, Radicals, and The People Vs Tech. He is a regular commentator on national and international media outlets. Until 2017, he was Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think-tank Demos, where he specialised in online social movements and the impact of technology on society.