Dave Green

Tuesday, November 8 2022 at 7:30PM

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161 Greenwich High Road
SE10 8JA

Dave Green

What's the talk about?

Have you ever had a dream in which you knew you were dreaming? If so you have had a lucid dream. Artist Dave Green uses this unique state of consciousness to create drawings in his dreams which he then re-creates upon waking up. Working in collaboration with sleep and dream scientists Dave uses his artworks to explore questions related to the dreaming mind: How do we see in dreams? Who are the other people in your dreams? Can dreams predict the future? Join Dave for an evening of exploration into the dreaming mind. Born in London Dave Green graduated from the Fine Art course at Sheffield Hallam in 2007 but quickly left the art scene behind to become a stand-up comedian. He started making art again during the Covid lockdown when he rekindled his childhood interest in lucid dreaming. Since then Dave's art has been featured in BBC Science Focus and DreamTime magazine. He has lectured about his work at the Tate Modern and is the subject of an upcoming documentary by the World Science Festival.